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Three Killed In Saudi Airstrikes In Northwest Yemen

 National Yemen

At least three people, including a child, have been killed in the latest aerial aggression by Saudi Arabia on Yemen’s northwestern province of  Sa’ada.

According to local media outlets on Sunday, the Yemeni people lost their lives after the Saudi warplanes targeted the area of Fallah in the province.

There has been no report on the number of the injured or the size of material damage following the attack.

Earlier in the day, Saudi fighter jets targeted a residential area and destroyed two schools in the district of Saqayn in the province, injuring a woman. The Saudi warplanes also bombarded the district of Razih in Sa’ada.

In a separate attack, Saudi Arabia pounded the district of as-Saddah in Yemen’s southwestern province of Ibb.

The Saudi warplanes also targeted the Yemeni provinces of al-Jawf, Ta’iz and Marib with proscribed weapons, destroying large swathes of farmland.

In reaction, Yemenis, backed by popular committees, targeted Saudi military bases in the southwestern Saudi region of Jizan.