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Volunteer Organization Donates Clothes To Displaced Families

Asma al-Mohattwari

Because we love you, our Eid will not be complete without your smile. This is the slogan of Ka alponian, a project that aims to restore used clothes to distribute to needy people during Ramadan and Eid.

The project is the idea of a group of Yemeni volunteers to help the poor people. In its fifth year, the Ka alponian team targeted displaced people in Sana’a schools and in Sa’da’a. In the first phase of the project, they distributed four pieces of clothing to nearly 80 families.

It aims to bring together nearly 10,000 pieces of used clothing still in good condition or new clothes dispensed by shops and cleaned, ironed, and packaged to look new to be distributed to 500 families.

After they restore the clothes, the team places the clothes in places such as markets, and then bring in families to choose what they want according to their needs, as if they are buying clothes from shops and not charity.

The rehabilitation process is done by volunteers in Shohada al-Sabeein school on Hada Street. The project coordinators called on all segments of society to participate in collecting the used clothes to paint a smile on the faces of hundreds of displaced children and families.

The organizers of the project believe that some segments of society have a lot of clothes and with each Eid they buy new clothes, while other families haven’t had new clothes for years.