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Islamic State Claims Responsibility For Car Bomb Near Military Hospital In Sana’a

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The explosive car near by military hospital

Yemeni security officials say a car bomb exploded behind a military hospital in the capital, Sanaa, causing dozens of casualties, among them civilians.

The officials, close to Yemen’s Houthi rebels, said the blast on Monday targeted the homes of several Houthi leaders, but did not give further details on how many people were killed or wounded.

Few hours later, the Islamic state claims responsibility for the car bomb which occured tonight near by the military hospital . This this the fifth attack in tens days conducted by the Islamic state militants.

Houthi security forces cordoned off the area after the explosion and prevented anyone from entering.

In Shabwa province, tribal leaders and Houthi officials say gunmen attacked a motorcade carrying the Houthi provincial governor and a pro-Houthi military commander, wounding both of them.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to brief journalists.