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Assidai Was Set Free

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Yasser Assdai

Tribal negotiation in Sana’a ends up recently with releasing the red color BMW X3 car from the hand of Abductors. The CEO of al-Rawaishan for Investment Yasser Assdai, his car and escorts were set free after couple of days abduction.

A source close to Assidai has confirmed the release of the vehicle and people were in the car. He continued to say, the abduction occurred  in an area called al-Hatarish east Sana’a. “We were in a business mission with Assidai  and we were shocked to see some gunmen in the middle of street asking us to get out of the car” said the source.

The source did not confirm if they have paid any ransom, but he confirmed the success of the mediation who played a major role to their release. Assidai and his escorts are victims of the low security in Yemen.

Assidai release comes one day before the successful rescue of a British oil worker kidnapped in Yemen early last year who was freed by a military raid in South Yemen by United Arab Emirates (UAE) troops.