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Barack Obama to meet with Saudi’s King Salman over ‘deteriorating’ situation in Yemen

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King Salman and President Obama

Yemeni activists, Media men and politicians both in Riyadh and New York are working and collaborating day and night to carry on a massive protest in front of the White House in conjunction with coming visit of King Salman to the United State by the coming Friday Sep 4th, 2015.

President Barack Obama will tell Saudi Arabia’s King Salman that he is deeply concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen, the White House said on Wednesday.

A civil war in Yemen escalated in March when a coalition of Arab states led by Saudi Arabia intervened to roll back the hold of Iran-allied Houthi militia over much of the country and to reinstate the government from its exile.

Obama will urge all sides of the conflict to avoid civilian casualties, White House officials told reporters on a call ahead of Salman’s visit to Washington on Friday.

The Yemeni activists will held two protests one in KSA and the second in US aiming to tell the two leaders about the criminal acts of the former president and Houthi militants against the disarmed people in Taiz and the rest part of Yemen.

As this is a pure initiative and none funded by any political party. The people of Yemen still wish to see the justice of the United State against Houthi Crimes over the past five months at none justified war.

Salman’s visit will come just days before Congress votes on the Iran deal, which would lift sanctions in return for a limit on Tehran’s capability to make a nuclear bomb.

Saudi Arabia considers Iran its major regional rival and has expressed concern that the deal will provide Tehran a financial windfall. However, on a visit to Saudi Arabia in July, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Salman had expressed support for the deal.

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