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Fourty Five UAE Soldiers Passed Away In Yemen, Marib

Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

The General Command of the UAE Armed Forces announced that 45 UAE servicemen have died in Yemen today.

According to state news agency, Wam, the general command headquarters said the personnel died while performing their national duty as part of the Saudi-led Arab coalition in support of the legitimate government in the country.

The soldiers were operating in the Safer area in the province of Marib.

It is understood they were killed when a fire broke out at dawn today in an ammunition store for the 107 Brigade, which caused violent explosions, killing Emirati and Yemeni soldiers.

Among those killed were Ali Hassan Al Shehi, former Emirates club player and Lieutenant Al Yammahi, who was awarded the sword of honor in the 38th batch of graduates at Zayed Military School.

Fahem bin Mohammed Ghamreen Al Yahmouri Al Shehi, Ali bin Al Durwi Al Yahmouri Al Shehi and Saoud bin Abdullah Marzouq Al Shehi were injured.

An investigation will be conducted into what caused the incident. Yemeni military sources told reporters that there had been an accident, but Houthis insisted that their rocket fire was responsible.

The UAE is thought to have sent several thousand troops to Yemen in an effort to restore the country’s exiled President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.

Houthi militants stated that they shelled two Apache using Toshka rockets early of this morning.

UAE officials offered condolences to the families of the servicemen.