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Yemen negotiators to form ceasefire committee as U.N. peace talks resume

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Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi



Yemeni negotiators taking part in U.N.-sponsored peace talks agreed on Saturday to form a committee to oversee a fragile ceasefire after fresh fighting imperiled their efforts to end Yemen’s civil war, sources close to the talks told Reuters.

They said the committee would be headed by a Lebanese army general and consist of representatives from the Saudi-backed government of Yemen’s President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and from the rival Houthi movement, which is allied to Iran.

Both sides arrived at a hotel in the Swiss city of Biel on Saturday to attend a fifth day of talks aimed at halting the eight-month conflict in the Arab world’s poorest nation, which has killed thousands of people and caused widespread destruction and a major humanitarian crisis.

The United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen voiced deep concern at “numerous reports of violations of the cessation of hostilities”, a U.N. statement said on Friday.

The Houthis say they are ready to free the prisoners once a permanent ceasefire is agreed, another source close to the talks told Reuters.

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