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US Diplomat Speaks Into The Point About Saudi Arabia

National Yemen
Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

In a televised interview broadcasted by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer with the former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Ford Fraker and the President of Middle East Foreign Policy Council, commented in the growing tensions with Iran.  Fraker said that Saudi Arabia did not anticipated that the Iranians will storm its Embassy in Tehran.

“It’s worth pointy that by treaty every country in the world is responsible for protecting the diplomatic missions in their countries, the Iranians have a pretty terrible records doing that, going back to 1979, when our own embassy was stormed by Iranians and our diplomats were Helicoptered, so the Saudis wouldn’t have anticipated this, I don’t think they are terrible surprised that action like this would have be taken” Said, Fraker.

In answer to Wolf Blitzer question whether Saudi government expected the backlash of the negative opinions that a merge against them following the execution of Nimr al-Nimar, the former US ambassador said, Skaikh Nimr trial was convicted in sins in 2014, so everyone involved had a lot of time to think about this.

Fraker expressed his astonishment about the Iranian Presiden Hassan Rawhani tweet, who asked which country is exacerbating Suni-Shia divide, bombing #Yemen & undermining governments in Iraq & Syria by providing funds & arms to #ISIS? He is clearer accusing that Saudi Arabia is doing all of this, What should the US do to conflict this down.

Fraker replied to this by saying it’s a bit rigid for the Iranians to be pointing figures at the Saudi when the spread of Iranian influence and the spread of Iranian revolution throughout the middle east is one of the objectives of the Iranian regime, so , we need to see these in the context of the historical side of the Iranian regime.

Ambassador Fraker concluded the interview by saying the biggest problem of Iran goes back to the historical rivalry and the spread of Iranians influence, you can see this in Iraq, they have run revolutionary guards and forces in the ground, same thing in Syria, Hazab Allah operate in Lebanon, you have Iranian support for people disruption in Bahrain and Yemen, so Saudi Arabia find themselves in a position they feel of having true react and defend in their interest.