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Saudi Arabia Aids Taiz With Medical Stuff

Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi


In a successful and well planned humanitarian assistance, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia represented by King Salman Relief & Humanitarian Aids Center managed to aids Taiz hospitals with large quantity of medical stuff.

The coalition of Humanitarian relief in Taiz has confirmed the well received of the medical equipment and emergency aids by air.

The operation was aimed to breaking the Houthi long siege on #Taiz and it meant to deliver a message to the international humanitarian agencies that the chance to save people’s live is possible.

While the task was not easy as it was the first of its kind and it took along time for preparation and careful act, it proved how Saudi Arabia works in barrel to help  the people in need and to defeat Houthis in the other part to bring peace to Yemen.

Hospitals in Taiz have been closed entirely for the past eight months. Around 37 out 40 hospitals and medical centers were closed due to the Houthi rebels siege. For the past eight months the Houthis shelled all medical hospitals aiming to forcefully make the people of Taiz submit for his power.

The lack of oxygen killed tens of civilians in Taiz all of which are women, children and old men.