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Rebels Shell, Ruin Museum In Yemen

National Yemen
Taiz National Museum
Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi
National Yemen

Taiz National Museum

SANAA, Yemen — Shelling by Yemen’s Shiite Houthi rebels in the heavily contested western city of Taiz struck a museum housing rare manuscripts and the possessions of a deceased ruler, activists said Wednesday.

Activist Reham al-Badr, who inspected the National Museum in Taiz, said Shiite rebels routinely have shelled the district where it sits, which is defended by local fighters.

She said the museum was struck Sunday.

The interior walls of the building were torched black and the museum was filled with rubble and twisted metal.

Al-Badr, who visited the museum earlier Wednesday, said it housed a collection of watches, guns, swords, gifts from foreign visitors and manuscripts belonging to Imam Ahmed, who ruled until the 1960s.

Houthi spokesmen declined to comment.

Yemen has been torn apart by conflict since 2014.

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