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BIMCO Issues Security Warning For Vessels Sailing Near by the Gulf Of Aden

National Yemen
Boat fishing in the sea side of Aden City coast
Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

BIMCO issues security warning statement following the further information regarding the incident reported off Mukalla Port at 242115ZApr16. BIMCO has strongly advise all members to take note of the Maritime Coalition Coordination Cell (MCCC Bahrain)

The warnimg notice followed by open source reporting of increased military activity in and around the Yemeni port city of Mukalla (see link below) and a maritime security incident overnight.

“please be advised that the security situation in the vicinity of the port has changed” the statement said. Vessels using the port or operating nearby are advised to take additional security measures and proceed with caution. Multiple coalition warships are patrolling in the area and should be hailed on VHF Ch 16 by any vessel witnessing or subject to threatening behaviour.

UKMTO Warning:

Report of a merchant vessel attacked in Posn 1425.8N 04908.0E (Near the Port of Al Mukalla) at 242115ZAPR16.

Occupants of skiff fired shots at MV and MV’s Armed Security Team fired warning shots in return. MV is safe.

BIMCO advise all members to report in accordance with the guidance in the following Maritime Security chart
In addition, joining the IRTC convoy programme or transiting using the IRTC is strongly recommended at this present time. Guidance for registration to this convoy scheme can be found at BIMCO website.