Collation Spokesperson: Saleh Sleeps in A Well Known Places to Us

National Yemen
National Yemen
Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

JEDDAH: The Saudi-led Arab coalition knows every movement deposed president Ali Abdullah Al-Saleh makes in Yemen, Brig. Gen. Ahmed Al-Asiri, spokesman of the coalition forces, has said.

In an interview on Egyptian channel Dream, he said there was precise intelligence information about where Saleh sleeps daily.

“Saleh uses the homes of ambassadors and embassies that have been evacuated. He also uses residences of international diplomatic missions, taking advantage of their immunity and his relations with them to protect himself from aerial attacks,” he said.

The Arab coalition never asked Egypt to send ground forces to Yemen, he said, adding that it is voluntary.

“The Yemeni army is the backbone of the operation carried out by the coalition,” he was quoted by a website as saying.

Asiri said two Egyptian pilots have carried out a number of air sorties, and the Egyptian navy has taken part actively. “If peace talks in Kuwait fail, we would storm the capital Sanaa and fight the final battle in Yemen.”

He said the American attack on Iraq was of a different nature, but the presence of coalition forces in Yemen is an effort to rescue Yemeni citizens. It is not an attack, and there is no lust for any resources of the country, he said.
“We are using guided munitions. One bomb costs 120,000 sterling pounds to reach to precise target,” said the general.
In March last year, the Saudi-led coalition launched airstrikes in Yemen after the Iran-backed Houthi militias toppled the legitimate government and seized much of that country’s territories.

The coalition has helped the legitimate forces of Yemen to regain control on many strategic areas of the country.