Road Ahead : Yemen Deserves Peace and Stability More Than Ever

National Yemen
Bilal Ahmed Homran
Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

By  Bilal Homran

As the war in Yemen dwindles into its one year mark, it saddens me to say the end seems farfetched.  After many were forced to flee their homes and loved ones, peace seems unreachable.  The government that was born to unify has only created a division of undwinddling similarities.  And the militia that governs the Capital city and many parts of the north continues to be in total out of reach with the realistic realities of what will come next.  Yemen is nearing its end of a unified nation if the war continues and sadly to say the region as a whole will never be the same.

The revolutionary and or uprising that sprung out in 2011 created a power vacuum throughout the region.  As former united States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to dwindle the sleeping silence hunger for democracy of the region, no one saw an evil looming on the horizon.  Yemen now harbors many evils because the great powers of our world decided that leading from behind would create some form of understanding.  And this has only created chaos and forced upon us leadership that does not share the common values of democracy.

The problems facing Yemen too many seems very complex but it is truly simple.  The road to peace is not simple don’t misunderstand what I am saying, but the availability of common peace can be achieved.  The militias that over took the northern parts of Yemen must retreat and allow the normalcy to return to the land they claim they love dearly.  The houthi’s can be a respected part of Yemeni society as a Political bloc, but they decided to create fire where fire was already ignited.  Their chants of hatred only create a difficult realistic approach of common peace.  All Saleh and Hadi operatives should secede their power to a new generation of leaders – that maybe able to carve a peaceful democratic way of life so desperately aspired by the people of Yemen.  Ali Abdullah Saleh and Abdu Mansour Hadi must depart the political powers of Yemen with their entourage and just allow Yemen to be.  Why must a whole nation suffer in the interests of two power hungry political leadership blocs?

I am just a citizen of this world that for so long in the news have only been informed of destruction and hate throughout my young life.  Yemen deserves peace and stability and so does every land on this planet.  Religious extremists have possed young innocent lives into wrongs and that’s due in part to the unknowledgeable realities of what it means to be human.   When politics is mixed with religion it only begets confusion and destruction.  Separation of faith and the political system is the only key to prosperity, especially in a land where tribalism is confused with faith at times.  Tribal customs are not religious and must be abolished.  Tribalism in Yemen has created classification that contradicts the realities of Islamic jurisprudence.

Schools have been destroyed, lives have been cut short, families have been separated and yet these political leaders of Yemen seem not to care.  Fight your war in the midst of the oceans of the world and get out of Yemen.  How dare the powers of the world allow the creation of safe havens for wrong doers in the land of “Arabia Felix” and do nothing to stop it.  The United States Middle Eastern foreign Policy over the past three decades has not only created confusion but built hatred that has been unable to be dwindled.  The people of the west must elect a revolutionary leader that truly understands that life is sacred and humanity is united for true peace.

Where education and democracy lacks, bigotry is rooted in the lives of many.  Hatred overpowers the human soul like a cancerous cell that aims to regroup and overpower the soul it has been rooted to.  The powers of our world are shiffiting and there are many that do not share the values of tolerance and progressive democracy.  Who we choose to lead will create the framework of our planet for the next half century.  Yemen can be reborn into a secular democracy that could’ve been.  The people of Yemen must flock to the streets and demand an end to this war that will corrupt the whole region into chaos for centuries to come.  Democracy is the only genius of our time that can battle the wrongs of our day!