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Yemeni Factions to Form Security Committees

Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

Yemen’s warring sides discussed on Monday the formation of military committees during the UN-backed peace talks, sources close the two Yemeni delegations told Al Arabiya News Channel.

During the latest round of peace talks in Kuwait, that are led by Yemen’s UN envoy, Ould Cheikh Ahmed, the rival delegations discussed the formation of temporary military and security committees as well as the tasks of the committees.

The source reported that another step would include the formation of sub-committees in Yemen’s provinces.

The delegations also discussed the geographical scope of the proposed military and security committees in the capital Sanaa, and other Yemeni cities.

During the talks, the criteria for selecting the members of the committee and sub-committees for each province were discussed.

According to the sources, the committees will be formed in accordance with national standards. According to plans, half of committee members would be from the south of Yemen – the homeland and powerbase of Hadi.

The main tasks for the committees would be to oversee the withdrawal of the Houthi militias and their allies from army and security camps, and the handover of heavy and medium weapons.