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At Least 18 in Taiz Killed by Rocket Fired from Houthi Corner

Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

A rocket fired by Yemeni Houthi forces or allied troops killed at least 18 civilians and about 40 wounded when it landed in a crowded market in the southwestern city of Taiz on Friday.

Children were among the victims of the Katuysha rocket, which was fired from an area controlled by the Houthis and troops loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

This bloody crime took place days before the start of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month and one day later the UN Security General announces the Arab coalition on tbe blacklist of its war in Yemen.

Ezzeldin al-Asbahi, human rights minister for the internationally recognized government based in Aden, put the death toll at 18 civilians and said 40 other people were wounded.

“The rocketing of Taiz by the Houthis and Saleh is a proof that the killers are destroying any hope of peace,” Asbahi said in a statement.

A shaky truce between the Iran-allied Houthis and Hadi loyalists has repeatedly been violated by both sides since it took hold in April before U.N.-sponsored peace talks in Kuwait.