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Houthis sign power-sharing deal to govern war-torn Yemen

Yemenis woke up Thursday with a sense of foreboding over a peace deal between the government and Houthi rebels. (AFP/File)
Written by Staff

Houthi rebels and political allies of ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh have signed a deal to set up a power-sharing council to govern war-shattered Yemen.

But the United Nations says the deal threatens peace talks and Yemen’s government has reportedly reacted by declaring the peace process over.

The Iranian-allied Houthis and Saleh loyalists hold most of the country’s north while Yemen’s Saudi-backed government, forced out of the capital Sanaa, is now based in Aden.

But even there President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi is struggling to impose his authority.

A Saudi-led alliance intervened in Yemen’s conflict in March 2015 to try to restore Hadi to power.

The devastating civil war has killed more than 6,000 people and caused a humanitarian crisis.

A shaky ceasefire took effect in April.