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Al-Baida: Yemen Prime Minister Condemns Houthi’s crime

Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

The Yemen prime minister Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar condemns the brutal crime of Houthi rebels backed by Saleh troops, against the civilians of Al-Baida governorate who recently killed four members of the general people Congress (GPC), in Thee Na’am district.

Bin Daghar continues to say that the current challenges that face Yemen due to the Houthis coup escalation, since they over take the power by force. We would like to keep the international community and Yemeni people informed who impedes the political settlement, hinders the international efforts that aims to apply permanent and comprehensive peace in Yemen.

“We are Working to cease these practices by Houthi rebels that double people’s suffer, it cuts the social fabric and it pushed deeply the country into more sect, racism and endless conflicts” Bin Daghar says.

During his visit to pass the condolence message to the tribes of Al-Baida, the prime minister express his deep condolences and faith feelings to the families of martyrs, Shaikh Ahmed Saleh Al-Amri, Shaikh, Mohammed Ahmed Al-Amri, Shaikh, Saleh Salam Banah and Shaikh Saleh Ahmed Saleh Alamri. He calls Allah to have mercy in them.