France calls on Yemeni parties to “return to negotiating table”

Written by Staff

PARIS (KUNA) — France on Monday called on Yemen’s warring parties to “return to the negotiating table”, after United Nations (UN)-brokered peace talks held in Kuwait failed to yield a definitive solution to the conflict.

France was closely following the peace talks in Kuwait and “urges the Yemeni parties to resume negotiations in order to find a lasting solution to the conflict,” a spokesperson for France’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Moreover, the statement also underscored the importance of strict adherence to a ceasefire, which is an “infraction of the peace process.” The statement also noted that “humanitarian and economic conditions in the country have largely deteriorated due to the conflict.”

The UN’s Special Envoy for Yemen announced on Saturday that peace talks in Kuwait have ended, only to resume at a later time in a location yet to be named.