UAE offers four-wheel-drive vehicles to security agencies in Aden

Written by Staff

ADEN (WAM) – The UAE has donated seven four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles to the Governorate of Aden as part of its sustained support for the public institutions and liberated cities in Yemen.

Shallal Shaea, Chief of Security in Aden, who took delivery of the vehicles in the presence of a number of local officials, said the assistance came as part of efforts being made by the UAE in areas of services and security to normalise life and enable citizens to overcome consequences of the current difficult circumstances the country is facing.

”This assistance will leverage capabilities of security agencies to achieve security and safety, save lives and protect people and their properties,” he affirmed.

He paid profound thanks to the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen, particularly the UAE, which he said had provided continuous support for security and services sectors.

”Today, we receive this assistance from the UAE which will remove obstacles and difficulties before the security agencies so they can properly perform their duty of preserving security and stability,” he added.

He also expressed thanks and appreciation to the government and people of the UAE for standing with the Yemeni people and for the significant role being played by the UAE to improve essential services in Aden and other governorates.

Under-Secretary of the Governorate Mohamed Nasr Al Shazali noted the remarkable progress the governorate was witnessing in areas of security and counter-terrorism.

The governorate was moving ahead swiftly in this respect thanks to the continuous support provided by the Arab Coalition.