General Asseri insists coalition bombed training camp, not school

National Yemen
Ahmed Asiri
Written by Staff

WASHINGTON (PRNewswire-USNewswire) — Adviser to the Saudi Defense Minister and Spokesman for the Saudi-led Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen Brigadier General Ahmed Hassan Asseri said that the Saudi-led coalition bombed a Houthi training camp yesterday. General Asseri strongly refuted charges that the coalition had attacked a Yemeni school.

“The aircraft has bombed a training camp for the coup militias called Huda in Saada,” said Gen. Asseri. “Why would children be at a training camp?” he questioned.

The bombing resulted in the deaths of militia fighters, including Houthi leader Abu Yahya Abu Rabaa, who was responsible for training at the camp, at which the rebels had been training child soldiers.

The Houthi practice of recruiting or coercing children for combat and combat-support roles has been well documented by the coalition and humanitarian groups. The Houthis have been recruiting or impressing children into their ranks and using them as scouts, guards, messengers and even fighters.