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France backs Kingdom’s stand on Yemen, Syria

Written by Staff

PARIS (Arab News) — The adviser to the French president for strategic affairs, François Revardo, revealed his country’s preparations to hold an international conference next month to support the Saudi position in the Yemeni crisis, and take a unified stand on the issue.

He said that Paris supports the Saudi role in Yemen whether by supporting legitimacy or re-instilling stability, putting an end to the advancing militias, as well as humanitarian aid and bringing life back to normal in Yemeni governorates. He added that the Kingdom supports humanitarian and religious ties between the Saudi and Yemeni people.

The Kingdom also aims to put an end to the ongoing struggle in Syria.

He said the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault discussed with his Saudi counterpart Adel Al-Jubeir the situation in Yemen and Syria, as well as the peace initiative in the Middle East. Ayrault confirmed the importance of a cease-fire to move ahead toward a political solution to the conflict in Yemen and end fighting in Syria.

Paris intends to prepare the atmosphere to resume negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians to achieve peace in the Middle East. He added that Paris stands behind Riyadh as a responsible Arab leader in the region that supports people’s rights in determining their fate, especially in Syria and Yemen.

It also supports the Arab alliance against the Houthi militias. The two leaderships agree that the political transition in Syria should stress the importance of the departure of Bashar Assad from power.