Saudis using US-made Patriots in Yemen’s war

Written by Staff

DEFENSE ONE — Saudi Arabia’s U.S.-made Patriot missiles are shooting down Houthi rockets in the under-reported war for Yemen, Global Business Editor Marcus Weisgerber reported Tuesday. The detail came out at the Space and Missile Defense Symposium, an annual conference attended by thousands of military and industry missile defense experts at Huntsville, Ala.

Yemen’s toll: The Saudi-led (and U.S.-backed) war in Yemen has cost the country more than $14 billion in “damage to infrastructure and economic losses,” Reuters reports this morning off a not-for-release “Preliminary Damage and Needs Assessment report.”

More than 6,500 are believed to have been killed in fighting so far, Reuters writes before offering a few more data points: “The 16-month civil war has… displaced more than 2.5 million and caused a humanitarian catastrophe in a country with a per capita gross domestic product the World Bank last estimated at only $1,097 in 2013.”