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Sen. Murphy: ‘Unauthorized’ Support of Saudis’ Bombings Stirs Anti-US Sentiment

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Written by Staff

NEWSMAX — Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., sounded off on the Obama Administration for its part in Saudi Arabia’s bombings in Yemen, telling CNN’s “The Lead With Jake Tapper” on Tuesday the U.S. participation in the “unauthorized” conflict is “helping to radicalize the population” against the U.S., and it has to stop.

“Not only are civilians being killed by the thousands, but ISIS and al Qaida are growing in the civil war and [are a] potential threat to the United States,” Murphy told CNN.

“It is time for the United States to rethink this campaign.”

An airstrike hit a Doctors Without Borders in northern Yemen on Monday, killing and wounding some 20 of the hospital staff and patients, the Associated Press reported.  The Saudi-led coalition has been carrying out airstrikes in Yemen since March 2015.

“If you talk to the Yemenis, they will say this is a U.S. bombing campaign,” Murphy told Tapper. “What is happening is we’re helping to radicalize the population against the United Sates in the conduct of this campaign.

“The result is that people on the ground think the Unites States is involved in a campaign killing thousands of civilians, and that is terrible for us right now.”


Murphy told Tapper “it is wild to me that we’re not talking more about this in the United States,” particularly since there has been no vote or measure in Congress about authorizing the U.S. participation in this conflict because it does not target al Qaida or ISIS.

“This war to many of us looks unauthorized,” Murphy told CNN. “The Saudis need more bombs, but this is another example of a war being conducted by this administration without prior approval.”

Murphy vows to help stop the U.S. participation in the Saudi attacks when Congress reconvenes in September, he told CNN.

“I’m talking with Democrats and Republicans about what it is to stop this latest round of arms sales,” Murphy told CNN. “We can put a pause or halt on all of this, so they can at least stop bombing civil hospitals and schools — and we need to press them to be more responsible.”

The Democratic senator ripped the relative hypocrisy of Obama’s foreign policy.

“We hear from the Obama Administration criticism — and rightly so — that Syrians and Russians are targeting civilian locations in Syria right now; Bashar al Assad and the Russian army are targeting hospitals and civilian locations,” he said. “We are doing [this] to a degree with a question able ally in Yemen.”