What’s behind Iran’s reported ‘liberation force’?

Former Revolutionary Guard commander says its newly formed fighting force will be sent to fight abroad.

Aljazeera — The conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen have long been called ‘proxy wars’ with Russia, the United States, and Saudi Arabia all involved.

And it’s no secret that Iran has played its part as well, backing President Assad in Syria, advising Shia militias in Iraq, and supporting Houthi fighters in Yemen.

In an interview published in the Mashregh News, a retired commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard was reported as saying that the so-called ‘Liberation Army,’ will be deployed to fight abroad.

A Tehran-based analyst, however, told Al Jazeera that there was a “misunderstanding” about what the force would do, saying it is not a specific organisation that will be formed.

What does this latest development means for conflicts in the region?