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Reciting During World #quranhour Reminds Me Of My Parents In …

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An old man reads Quran at the grand mosque
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Reciting al-Quran was a daily activity for Ali Ahmad Zain but today it was extra special as he sat together with friends to recite the Surah Al-Haj (the Pilgrimage) in conjunction with World #QuranHour.

The 27 year-old student from Hadramaut, Yemen said the surah was close to his heart as for now his parents Ahmad Zain Bahamid, 52, and Hakimah Muhammad Saeed, 40 would be among the millions of Muslims in Makkah, fulfilling one of the five pillars of Islam.

“I was happy when they told me that they are going to Makkah this year. It is the second Haj for my father and the first for my mother. My father is a very lucky man. I hope they remember to pray for me to be invited to Makkah soon,” the University Malaysia Pahang second semester student in Master of Business Administration told Bernama NEWS.

Ali was one of the participants for the World #QuranHour in UMP led by UMP’s Islamic Affairs Officer, Md Abdu Sahak, in reciting the Surah Al-Haj together with millions of Muslim around the world for an hour beginning 9am.

Ali said though he has yet to perform haj, he was ‘collecting deeds’ by performing ‘other good practices during the blessed 10 days of Zulhijjah, including fasting today, which was the first day of Arafah, reciting takbir and reciting al-Quran, doing more good deeds than usual and for the sacrifice of a livestock, (kurban).

“I hope I can recite al-Quran as much as I could this week. I have no difficulty in doing so as I have memorised the holy Quran since 2010. I make it a routine to read at least an hour a day,” he said.

Meanwhile, his friend Muhammad Abdul Qawi Ahmed, 24, said the practice of reciting al-Quran in a group reminded him of his hometown in Ibb, Yemen where they would read the al-Quran after Maghrib prayers.

“It is our way to fill the time while waiting for Isha’. It is better than having empty talk. Reciting al-Quran is good. It reminds us to always do good things and for me it is very soothing,” he said.

Muhammad Abdul Qawi, a third year student of Civil Engineering in UMP said it was his first participation in such a programme and hoped to see more similar events in future as al-Quran is a complete guidance for Muslims. Original Article