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Qatar Sends 1000 Soldiers to Yemen

Written by Staff

Qatar is the latest Gulf country to mobilize their forces to help the Saudi-led Coalition after three of their own soldiers were killed yesterday in Yemen.

According to a report released by Al-Jazeera News today, approximately 1,000 Qatari soldiers, 200 armored vehicles, and 30 Apache helicopters were deployed to Yemen to participate in the Saudi-led aggression.

“The troops are now reportedly heading to Yemen’s Marib province, to join the Saudi-led coalition already fighting in the area,” Al-Jazeera added.

More Qatari servicemen will be deployed to Yemen in the near future, the report concluded.

The reason for the influx of Qatari soldiers is still unknown; however, it is likely to do with yesterday’s situation that involved several Qatari military personnel.

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