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UN Summit “Failed Refugees” | Oxfam Highlights Crisis in Yemen

Written by Staff

Many aid organizations have welcomed the outcome of the UN Refugee Summit — which has seen the 50 countries taking part pledge to double the number of refugees they collectively admit to more than 360,000. But many organizations have said that the summit failed to address the underlying issues contributing to the global refugee crisis.

We speak to the Director of the refugee program at Human Rights Watch, Bill Frelick.

Oxfam has today published a report highlighting the situation in Yemen and the devastating impact of the Saudi led coalition forces’ bombing campaign. The report calls for a ceasefire and suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Yesterday, however, the US Senate voted against a resolution that would have blocked the sale of $1.15billion to Saudi Arabia.

We speak to author, activist and former South African MP, Andrew Feinstein.

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