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Houthis Plead Support for Yemeni Central Bank

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At the time Houthis’ leader Abdul Malek al-Houthi is asking the nation to support the Central Bank, Yemenis are wondering how they will be able to donate. Yemeni citizens haven’t received their salaries because they were spent by al-Houthi’s group on the so-called military effort.

The Yemeni government changed the board of the central bank and moved it from Sana’a to the temporary capital Aden. These powerful steps led the insurgents to beg for support from the Yemeni people and businessmen.

The insurgents were outraged by the move of the central bank which led their leader Abdul Malek to request money donations from the Yemeni people, no matter how small the amount.

Yemenis mocked Houthi’s requests after he had emptied the central bank of all its money and deposits for his escapades that serve the agenda of the Iranian regime.

Yemeni political analyst and rights activist Abdul Qader al-Junaid commented on the issue saying: “Have you ever seen anyone requesting donations for a bank? The central bank?! Houthis did on al-Ghadir day.”

Houthi asked for donations from Yemenis during a speech he delivered two days ago.

Abdul Malek was enraged by the legitimacy’s decision to transfer the central bank and change its management, which meant the end of funds to his gang.

Yemenis no longer care for Houthi’s speeches that are now an occasion for mockery. With his last speech, Houthi brought back the memories of one of his previous speeches where he promised to sell rocks, which he considered a national treasure, for thousands of dollars.

After destroying governmental institutions, emptying its treasury and discharging employees, Houthi is now asking the institutions to maintain incomes. He even threatened businessmen, saying that they would be harming their trade by not donating to the bank.

Houthis spokesperson Mohammed Abdul Salam said that transferring the central bank is one of the worst, most dangerous decisions that threatens the Yemeni people and their livelihood.

Former Houthi Ali al-Bakhiti commander wondered how the government and the presidency became a joke during the reign of the insurgents. He pointed out that presidential decisions are far from reality and are ridiculed by the public.

Bakhiti said that Houthis had insulted all symbols, sanctities, laws, regulations and rules. He mocked Abdul Malek’s request for donations saying: “Pay employees and soldiers their salaries so that they can donate for the bank.”

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