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Yemeni Premier Receives Arab Coalition Commander, in Aden

National Yemen
Bin Daghar receives Commander of the Arab Coalition Brig. Gen. Sultan Al-Habsy
Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

Yemeni Premier Dr. Ahmed Obaid bin Daghar received here today the Commander of the Arab Coalition Brig. Gen. Sultan Al-Habsy. During the meeting, the premier expressed gratitude and appreciation of the coalition member states, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with an active participation of the Emirates, for their stance and takig the side of the loyal authority, in Yemen.
He also expressed thanks for the flow of medical aid from the Emirates into Yemen.
For his part, the commander renewed the coalition stance, in general, and the Saudi as well as the Emirates, in particular, towards supporting the Yemeni government, up to the restoration of entire Yemeni territory.