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Al-Eryani: Houthi Rebels Far From Obtaining Peace in Yemen

Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

The Yemeni Minister of Information Moammer Al-Eryani said today that Houthi rebels are far away from obtaining peace and from reaching an agreement to save the Yemen from further bloodshed.

Al-Eryani told Hans Mahonyt, the Media and Cultural Consultant of the American Embassy for Yemen, “The rebels attack on marine navigation in the Bab Al Mandeb, a strategically important shipping passage, is a serious escalation and it requires a firm position from the world to end any future threats to international passages.”

In the meeting, Al-Eryani discussed cooperation in training and qualifying journalists to help Yemen in the next political phase of the country.

Hans Mahonyt expressed his country’s interest in supporting the Yemeni media to achieve its vital role for peace and for rebuilding the Yemeni community to overcome hatred and the tearing of Yemen’s social fabric.

Mahonyt confirmed that the United States remains very committed to helping Yemen and will continue its support for the legitimacy of the Hadi government.

The General Manager of the Yemen General Corporation for Radio & Television Iskander Al-Asbahi and Faisl al-Awadi both attended the meeting.