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US Welcomes Saudi Investigation into Yemen Attack

Written by Staff

WASHINGTON, Oct 10 (KUNA) — US Secretary John Kerry welcomed Saudi Arabia’s commitment to launch an investigation into a strike in Yemen that left hundreds killed and injured, the State Department said early on Monday.
The remarks were made in a telephone call between Kerry, Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman and Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir a day earlier, read a statement.
Kerry “welcomed the Deputy Crown Prince’s commitment to launch a thorough and immediate investigation of the strike …” He also urged the need for an immediate ceasefire, while the Deputy Crown Prince, according to the statement, stated his desire to institute a renewable 72-hour cessation as soon as possible, provided the Ansar Allah group agrees.
Secretary Kerry said that Saudi Arabia’s request that the group pull back weapons from its border and respect its territorial integrity was “legitimate” as part of a broader de-escalation effort.
The US will work closely with all parties to establish the cessation of hostilities and revive the political process in Yemen, added Kerry. (end) sd.rk

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