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Arab Parliament Urges US Congress to Scrap JASTA

National Yemen
Written by Staff

The Arab Parliament on Tuesday called on members of US Congress to scrap the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), because it would undermine international relations.
JASTA, which was approvd by a national parliament with the aim of applying it on other sovereign countries, is torpedoing the “simplest principles of itnernational law and the UN Charter,” the parliament said in a statement at end of its session in Sharm El-Sheikh.
JASTA was passed by the Congress last week. It creates an exception to the sovereign immunity law introduced in 1976, allowing Americans to sue foreign countries for acts of terrorism that kill Americans on US soil.
The parliament said JASTA ignored all local and international laws, and lacked legal and political foundations.
It meanwhile called for doubling of Arab efforts to end the Israeli occupation and establish the independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital, as well as solving the Palestinian refugees crisis in line with UN resolutions.
It called for holding an international conference on the peace process after the diplomatic Quartet failed to accomplish concrete results.
On Yemen, the Arab Parliament called on importance of reaching a political solution in line with GCC initiative and its implementation mechanism, outcome of national dialogue and UN resolution 2216.
The Arab MPs condemned the violations carried out in Yemen.
They expressed deep concern over the tragic developments in Syria, and condemned the random shelling of civilians.
The parliamentarians called for the peaceful resolution of the crisis in Libya, urging the political parties to find common grounds for the sake of their own country.
On Iraq, they commended the Iraqi armed forces’ victories against so-called Islamic state (IS). They called on the Turkish government to withdraw forces from Iraqi territories. (end)

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