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JIAT: Air Operations Center Carried out Sana’a Operation without Coalition Command Approval

Written by Staff

The Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT) announced on Saturday that the Gran Hall in the Yemeni capital Sana’a was “wrongly” targeted earlier this month based on “incorrect information” and without the approval of the Arab Coalition command.

“A party affiliated to the Yemeni Presidency of the General Chief of Staff wrongly passed information that there was a gathering of armed Houthi leaders in a known location in Sana’a, and insisted that the location be targeted immediately as a legitimate military target,” JIAT said in a statement after concluding its investigation into the Great Hall incident.

“The Air Operations Center in Yemen directed a close air support mission to target the location without obtaining approval from the Coalition command to support legitimacy and without following the Coalition command’s precautionary measures to ensure that the location is not a civilian one.”

“A Coalition aircraft in the area carried out the mission, which resulted in several deaths and injuries.”

“Because of non-compliance with Coalition rules of engagement (ROEs) and procedures, and the issuing of incorrect information a Coalition aircraft wrongly targeted the location,” said the statement.

It called for “appropriate action” to be taken in accordance with Coalition regulations against those who caused the incident.

It also called for compensation to the families of the victims.

JIAT said that “Coalition forces must immediately review their rules of engagement (ROEs) and update their procedures to ensure adherence in future.”

It added that the Coalition Forces Command has fully cooperated with the investigation.


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