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United Nations Chief Calls for Accountability over ‘Appalling’ Yemen War

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Two missiles fired from Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen missed a United States warship which was patrolling the Red Sea, the U.S. navy said on Monday. Images published online afterward show that the ship suffered significant damage. Confirming the incident, U.S. Navy added that the missiles didn’t cause any damage, and there were no casualties.The Saudi foreign ministry said its United Nations mission sent a letter to the Security Council on Sunday, expressing the kingdom’s “deep regret of the reported attack” on the funeral. Shiite power Iran supports the Houthis, but denies arming them.Who Is Fighting in Yemen?Warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition later attacked the two military bases from which the missiles were fired, the Saudi Press Agency reported late on Sunday. Clinton proposes tax relief for families with young kids
It was also stated that Clinton’s new proposal “is a down payment on her overall vision for tax relief for middle-class families”. On a static basis, taxpayers in the top fifth of income would receive tax increases and everyone else would receive tax cuts. Since March 2015, the Saudi-led coalition of mostly Persian Gulf countries has been carrying out airstrikes against the opposition Houthis at the request of Hadi.The U.S. provides intelligence and logistical support to the coalition, including refueling aircraft.Davis said the missiles were fired from Houthi-held territory on the Yemen coast. Recently, the US had one military adviser working with the coalition in its military planning in Yemen and has relocated to Bahrain the 45 personnel that had been doing that work at a military base in Saudi Arabia.Ahmed Al-Jabr, a political analyst, said the U.S. is facing growing pressure over its support for the war in Yemen. At the time of the incident, it was in global waters, north of the Bab al-Mandeb Strait.Bismarck, N.D.: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers won’t yet authorize construction of the $3.8 billion, four-state Dakota Access oil pipeline on federal land in southern North Dakota, it said Monday. Southwest unveils Cuba flights
Southwest Airlines Thursday announced its flight schedule for the new non-stop service between Florida and Cuba. It will be followed by nonstop flights from Tampa International Airport to Cuba’s capital city of Havana. U.S. Navy ships have often been deployed to the waters off Yemen to prevent a military orterrorist threat to the key shipping lane.The Saudis say the Houthis are stooges of their enemy Iran. It also states that the relationship – much like that with Russian Federation in Syria – is tense. At least 140 people were killed, a lot of them civilians and more than 500 others were injured. “It is not a threat just to Saudi Arabia; it is a threat to the region, it is a threat to the United States, and it can not continue”.A Houthi Threat to the United States? That attack was thought to have come from Houthi militants who aimed shoulder-fired missiles at the ship from speedboats. The USS Mason, a guided missile destroyer, was shot at with rockets but was undamaged. The officials said that the type of defensive system used and the distance from the ship that the missiles hit the water could not be revealed for operational security reasons.Iranian media reported on Monday that Houthi rebels fired a “locally manufactured ballistic missile” that struck an airbase in central Saudi Arabia. North Carolina governor: Flooded historic town will get help
The transportation department said early Thursday that almost 1,600 employees were working on problems caused by the storm. McCrory said Wednesday that Matthew’s death toll in the state has risen to 20 people , many of whom died due to flooding.

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