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Houthis Linked to Third Missile Attack on US Navy Warship

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Two missiles fired from rebel-held territory in Yemen landed near the USS Mason destroyer passing by in the Red Sea, the US Navy said on Monday
The USS Mason has been fired upon several times by suspected Houthi militia while on patrol in the Rea Sea

Multiple missiles were fired at an US Navy warship in the Red Sea from a Houthi-controlled region in Yemen, a US admiral has said.

Admiral John Richardson confirmed the incident and said no hits were reported on the USS Mason.

Later, US officials said the initial reports were being reassessed but declined to provide full details of what happened, the Associated Press reported on Sunday morning.

If confirmed, the missile launches would be the third attack in about a week targeting the destroyer USS Mason and other US ships.

“The Mason once again appears to have come under attack in the Red Sea, again from coastal defence cruise missiles fired from the coast of Yemen,” Richardson, the chief of naval operations, told reporters on Saturday in Baltimore.

Just two days earlier, a US warship fired Tomahawk missiles into Yemen to destroy three radar sites that Pentagon leaders believed played a role in the earlier attacks.

A senior US defence official said the Mason was in international waters when multiple incoming surface-to-surface missiles were reported by the ship’s crew to have been detected about 3.30pm EDT. The Mason was not struck and no crew members were hurt.

A US official said that additional radars could have been used in Saturday’s reported attack.

As with the previous attacks last week, the Navy did not state whether the warship’s countermeasures stopped the missiles or if they missed regardless.

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