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Yemen Government and Rebels Agree to 72-hour Ceasefire

Written by Staff

Yemen’s president has agreed to a three-day ceasefire in the country amid international calls for a truce.

The Arab nation has been in the grip of civil war between government forces and rebel Houthi fighters since March 2015.

On Monday, the war-torn country’s president Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi consented to a 72-hour ceasefire – with rebel Houthis agreeing shortly after.

Fighting will stop from 23.59 local time on Wednesday for three days, with the deal subject to renewal.

The announcement follows pressure from the US, UK and UN peace envoy to Yemen to bring about a halt to the violence.

“The President agreed to a 72 hrs ceasefire to be extended if the other party adheres to it”, Abdulmalek al-Mekhlafi, Yemen’s foreign minister, tweeted.

Al-Arabiya news cited Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister Adel Jubeir as describing the Yemeni government as willing to see a ceasefire take effect – without providing details.

To date, the Yemeni conflict has claimed the lives of almost 6,900 people.

More than 35,000 people have been wounded in the fighting while at least three million have been displaced.

On Sunday, US Secretary of State John Kerry urged the warring parties to agree to a ceasefire and “move to the negotiating table”.

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