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Yemen Coup Militias Don’t Want Peace

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A Houthi militant mans a machine gun mounted on a patrol truck as he secures a vigil marking the anniversary of a double bomb attack inside a mosque during prayers that killed dozens of worshippers in Sanaa, Yemen, September 2, 2016. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah
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The coup militias in Yemen deliberately thwarted humanitarian truce declared by the United Nations, said Chief of Yemeni General Staff Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Almekdeshi.

In a speech during the graduation ceremony of a number of military units held on Saturday night in Hadramout, he said that truce violations by coup militias added to the conviction of political and military leadership in Yemen that the perpetrators were not serious to accept peace and ready for a ceasefire.

“Every one saw the repeated breaches of truce by militias and their lack of commitment to truce by launching ballistic missiles on residential neighborhoods in the city of Marib, indiscriminate bombardment on civilians in Taiz and targeting military sites in more than one front,” he said.

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