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Saudi Arabia Calls on International Community to Take Action Against Iran Interference in Yemen

Written by Staff

With the continuing clashes between the Saudi-led alliance and Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels, Saudi Arabia’s Ankara embassy released a statement urging “the international community to do its part against Iran’s aims to create instability throughout the region.” While Yemen plays a significant role for Saudi Arabia against Iran’s influence over the violence-hit Middle East region, Saudi Arabia also accuses Iran of supplying the Houthi with weapons and attempting to destabilize countries in the Arabian Gulf. The Saudi embassy had indicated through its statement that Iran is displaying a hostile stance in the region as it further said, “The failure of international efforts to put an end to the crisis in Yemen leading to the enflaming of the unacceptable sectarian crisis, chaos and instability in Yemen, is a clear and evident connection of Iran’s intervention.”

Continuing on by stating that Iran persists in providing weaponry, missiles and military support to the coup plotters in Yemen, the Saudi embassy’s statement said, “The attacks against Saudi Arabia’s borders by the putschists, missiles targeting cities and threatening international transportation [of Saudi Arabia] would not even be mentioned if they were not supported and encouraged by Iran.” Saudi Arabia had emphasized its rights to protect its sovereignty and security. The statement further called on the international community and said, “We call upon the international community to fulfill its responsibilities against the Iranian regime’s aims to attack regional countries and interfere into those countries’ internal affairs.” With the advance of the Iranian-allied Shiite Houthi group raising fears of a possible disintegration of the country, the U.N. special envoy to Yemen warned the Security Council on Wednesday that Yemen is fueling the spread of al-Qaida and Daesh due to a dangerous military escalation following a breakdown in the cease-fire between government supporters and Shiite rebels leading to political instability and intermittent violence.

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