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Angel of the Desert Cares for Yemen’s Starving Children

Written by Staff

Every day Ashwaq Moharram finishes her hospital shift in the embattled Red Sea city of Hodeida, gathers volunteers and heads out to the remote areas hit hardest by the war. She operates a mobile clinic from her car and delivers hundreds of food parcels packed with water, milk, sugar, rice, beans and dates.

A nine-year-old boy, who cannot walk or talk and is so emaciated he looks like a toddler, lies crying on a filthy pillow in the sand. Without adequate food, water or clothes, he has pneumonia and dysentery.

“We often don’t have saline solution so if someone like this boy is severely dehydrated we can’t do anything but watch them die,” Dr Moharram says.

No one in the towns and villages near Hodeidah

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