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Endless Lies: Iran and Houthi Partners’ Fabrications

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Written by Fakhri Al-Arashi

The harmony between the Iranian media and media run by the Houthis allied with former president Ali Saleh is remarkable and reveals a dedication to exporting illusions to their audience in Yemen and beyond.

The philosophy of fabrications and daily lies can be seen and read regularly in Iranian media outlets also  the Houthis and their allies. As a result, a large group of Yemeni activists including Houthi youth have launched a massive media campaign using hashtags denouncing the Iranian regime’s interference in Yemen’s affairs. The widely circulated Hashtag #Houthi_Aggression_Terrorism brings attention to the crimes of Houthis against children, women and infrastructure in Yemen.

As the UN Envoy to Yemen Ismeal Ould Chaikh Ahmed and international leaders are striving to find a smooth solution for Yemen to end the devastating war which was begun by Houthis storming Sana’a in September 2014, the Iranian media are trying to tell the world that the militias are advancing in Saudi territory, controlling cities and villages along the southern Saudi border.

These advancements only exist in Iranian and Houthi media platforms. The question is, why is Iran promoting fake news and reports for the Houthis, and what does it aim to achieve by intensifying its media campaign whenever there is a sign of hope for peace in Yemen?

Such a message by Khamenei to Yemen only fuels the enthusiasm of the Houthis in battling Saudi Arabia.

“God has sent you a blessing named Yemen… Do you know where the Yemenis are going? They want to occupy the House of God; they have one million combatants, none of whom will return from the front, they are steadfast; (Khamenei) praised their leader on Eid al-Fitr, and called him the Yemeni’s wise and courageous leader. The day Saudi attacked Yemen, Mr. Seyyed Abdulmalek said we shall hopefully set up prayer of victory near the House of God; which means he would proceed up to there. But you should know that the whole story of Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, … all depends on you (IRGC members),” said Ta’eb (State TV Ofogh- November 7).

Ta’eb also emphasized the regime’s aggressive plans in the region and the occupation of four Arab capitals: Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sanaa.

These are the types of stories we keep reading on Iranian websites, but what for? For Yemeni youth to die on the Saudi borders, as Khamenei said millions of the Yemenis would? It is because the mullahs and Khamenei believe that Yemen is a gift to them to destabilize Saudi Arabia.

This is the mentality of Iranian regime toward Yemen and Saudi Arabia. They just fill-in the minds of the Houthis with nonsense.

The UN, along with a group of 11 countries including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Sudan and Yemen, have drafted a signed letter about Iran’s expansionist policies, flagrant violations of the principle of sovereignty, and constant interference in the internal affairs of Arab Gulf states and Yemen.

“Are all these countries wrong and Iran right? Seriously, I doubt it. I also doubt that Iran is even intending  to seek peace in Yemen as they export Yemen’s suffering,” said Dr. Abdulkarim Sallam.

Iran will never promote peace unless it serves its agenda in Yemen. Iran has been training Houthi fighters and illegally shipping weapons and ammunition into Yemen in blatant violation of UN Security Council Resolutions 2216 (2015) and 2231 (2015), the group of 11 countries stated.

“We all understand that the Saudi Arabian-led coalition’s purpose is to protect Yemen and its people from the continuing aggression of the Iran-backed Houthis and to help Yemeni counterterrorism,” concluded Salam.

An Iranian website recently published that Houthi rebels claim to have seized several villages in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern Jizan province. The same source also said that Houthi militiamen had captured a bridge linking Jizan’s Qaem Zubaid and Al-Ibadiya areas and the road to the nearby Al-Khubah area.

It is true that random projectiles hit the Saudi borders from the Yemeni side, and that is what Iran wants. They want to draw the world’s attention to the idea that Yemeni fighters are reaching Saudi Arabia.

Yet this type of propaganda prolongs the Yemeni war and the suffering of the people in Yemen who have nothing to eat. “Would you please stay away from Yemen and let them decide their way for peace?” Iskander Al-Asbahi asked in reference to Iranian involvement.

“Your involvement in Yemen has to stop, we gained nothing from you except the Houthi movement who is trying to mimic your sectarian regime and disgusting rules.”

Al-Asbahi continued to say that millions of Yemenis are being displaced and millions of children are malnourished and many are dying of hunger because of Iran. “Stay away from us and we will decide our generation’s future.”

On September 2015, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that “critical” support of the militia by Iran “contributed” to the collapse of Yemen’s government. That was before the Saudi-led coalition entered Yemen, more evidence of who is responsible for the devastation in Yemen.

In the same month, the semi-official Iranian news agency Fars said that direct flights between Sana’a and Tehran would open the door for the export of Iranian commodities to Yemen.

Yemen has not seen these commodities, but it has seen the smuggling of weapons and plenty of media reports full of lies, that is why the new campaign and Hashtag has been launched.