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Hadi: Yemenis Do Not Want Peace ‘Distorted by lies’

National Yemen
President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi
Written by Staff

Aden — Yemen’s President Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi said that the people of Yemen do not want peace that is “distorted by lies” but rather a lasting and comprehensive peace plan based on ending the coup by the Houthi militias, Al Arabiya News channel reported.

Hadi reiterated, in a speech to the Djibouti parliament on Saturday, that he is committed to the Gulf initiative on Yemen and what was agreed during the National Dialogue 2014, as well as the Security Council resolutions.

He stated that resolution 2216 must be met, which defines the framework of the peace process in Yemen, calling for the Houthis and their allies to withdraw and hand over all weapons.

“Any ideas beyond those references are a waste of time,” he said, “we do not want peace that is distorted by lies, we want a lasting and comprehensive peace plan, based on ending the coup first.”

Meanwhile, Sources in Sanaa have confirmed to Al Arabiya that Sanaa University’s Vice President Dr. Mohammed Shoukri has resigned after Houthi militias attacked peaceful academics protesting on Saturday after three months of delayed salaries.

Sanaa University President Fawzi Al-Sughair, who was appointed to his position by Houthi militias, also took part in the attack against the professors and researchers on campus, sources confirmed.

The head of the Union at the University of Sanaa Mohammed Al-Zahiri said that the Teaching Union Coordinating Council at the public universities had taken the decision to protest to urge the Houthis and Saleh to pay the employees in all the universities.

He stressed that the protests took place in nine public universities. They want the concerned authorities to know that the situation is no longer bearable, thus they are asking them to end their suffering and pay the salaries.

The Houthi militias have not paid the employees’ salaries for the past three months.

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