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UAE Sends Relief to Lahij in Yemen

Written by Staff

The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, sent a convoy carrying 1,400 food parcels to Al Musaymir District in Lahij Governorate to ease the suffering the Yemeni people during the current crisis.

Sending the aid convoy is part of the UAE’s continuous efforts to improve the humanitarian condition, security and stability in Yemen, ravaged by the war sparked by the rebels, the ERC said.

Meanwhile, Governor of Lahij Waddah Al Halimi took the delivery of a truck donated by the UAE humanitarian agency for the governorate.

He thanked the government and the people of the UAE for helping the liberated governorates in Southern Yemen, including Lahij.

Abdullah Al Radfani, relief co-ordinator in Lahij, noted that the governorate needs more relief convoys as its employees have not received their salaries for the past three months and the residents of Al-Karsh and other border areas have been displaced due to the conflicts.


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