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On Yemen, UN Envoy “Isn’t Giving Hope,” Trying To Keep Job, Like Gallach

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By Matthew Russell Lee, Follow Up / Exclusive

UNITED NATIONS, November 28 — While in Yemen the Houthis and ex-President Saleh’s GNC both announced agreement to a ceasefire, in Riyahd exiled president Hadi indicated he did not agree. The UN on November 16 admitted to Inner City Press that Hadi did not even meet with UN envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed.

On November 28, Inner City Press asked Ban’s lead spokesman Stephane Dujarric, UN transcript here:

Inner City Press: In Yemen, there have been various reports that the envoy is now starting a new round where you’ll actually meet with President [Abd Rabbuh Mansur] Hadi in Muscat. Is that your understanding? And what is… what’s different about the proposal he’s putting forward now to the one that was rejected two weeks ago?

Spokesman: You know, obviously, proposals are adjusted constantly to try to meet the agreement of both parties, based on universal… on principles that the UN can agree on. I’m not going to get into the minutiae of what he’s changing, what he’s not changing. Obviously, the envoy’s not giving up [actually seemed to say, “envoy’s not giving hope”], and he’s continuing to go about his work trying to get the parties back to the table.

By Matthew Russell Lee, Follow Up on Exclusive

UNITED NATIONS, December 25, more here — Amid charges that the UN in Sudan, including Herve Ladsous’ UN Peacekeeping in Darfur, has colluded with the authorities in Khartoum to cover up rapes and killing, now the UN’s Resident Coordinator Ali Al Za’tari has been ordered to leave Sudan by January 2, Inner City Press first reported earlier today.

On December 24, Inner City Press similarly exclusively reported and then asked UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric about UNDP Country Director Yvonne Helle being ordered out of Sudan, citing her and Al-Za’tari’s e-mails. Video here.

A full day after that, Reuters reported on Helle’s ouster — typically, for Reuters, with no credit to the Press’ prior exclusive story. (Reuters’ UN bureau chief has said he has a policy of not crediting Inner City Press’ exclusive, and has gone to far as to censor, Sudan-style, his “for the record” anti-Press complains to the UN, click here for that, via EFF’s

Now, after UN Spokesman Dujarric issued two statements on the afternoon and evening of December 25 responsive to the question Inner City Press asked at the December 24 noon briefing, Reuters has run a piece with no fewer than eight journalists listed, and of course no credit. This is policy, untransparenty (when Inner City Press asked top Reuters brass including Stephen J. Adler for Reuters policy on crediting, none was provided.)
But eight journalists?

The above-referenced Reuters UN bureau chief, it must be noted, under his own byline sought to exonerate Ladsous, reporting without context complaints made to Ladsous about another UN staff member, without mentioning Ladsous’ own role in covering up rapes in the DR Congo and now Darfur. Reuters has not reported the complaints against Ladsous, even as a Permanent Three mission on the Security Council has confirmed to Inner City Press its receipt of the letter.

On December 24, Inner City Press asked UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s spokesman Stephane Dujarric about Sudan having just similarly “PNG-ed” or declared persona non-grata the Sudan Country Director of the UN Development Program Yvonne Helle, with Za’tari barely pushing back against the government.

Dujarric said that host countries’ ordered to PNG a UN staff member are treated seriously and should be sent to, and considered and acted on by, Ban’s Secretariat in New York. But Dujarric in the 18 hours after Inner City Press asked about Helle has not returned with any information or answer. Then Reuters published its story, with no credit.
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