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Three Prisoners Of Conscience Detained For Religious Beliefs (Yemen: UA 266/16)

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Three members of Yemen’s Baha’i community have been arbitrarily detained since 10 August. One was held incommunicado for six weeks. All three remain detained without charge. They are prisoners of conscience.

Keyvan Qadari, 43, and brothers Nadim al-Sakkaf, 43, and Nader al-Sakkaf, 37, have been detained without charge since 10 August. Keyvan Qadari was held incommunicado at the National Security Bureau (NSB) intelligence agency for the first six weeks before he was allowed the first and only phone call to his family on 23 September. Since then he has been granted no further contact with his family or lawyer, placing him at risk of torture or other ill-treatment.

Officials from the NSB have threatened Keyvan Qadari and his family with deportation to Iran. Nadim al-Sakkaf and Nader al-Sakkaf were allowed to call their family for the first time on 5 September and 18 October respectively and they were both allowed a family visit on 30 October. Amnesty International believes all three men have been arrested and detained solely for their religious beliefs or peaceful activities on behalf of the Baha’i community, who are a religious minority.

Keyvan Qadari was arrested along with 64 others on 10 August by armed officers in balaclavas from Yemen’s NSB at a Baha’i youth workshop in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. Later that day, Nadim al-Sakkaf and Nader al-Sakkaf were called into NSB and were also arrested and detained.

Nader al-Sakkaf on 18 October informed his family during a phone call that he and his brother had been moved from the NSB to the Political Security Office (PSO), also in Sana’a, where they are currently detained. During a visit from his family on 30 October, Nader al-Sakkaf confirmed that Keyvan Qadari was also moved to PSO, where they now share a cell.


Take a letter, send an email, call, fax or tweet:

  • Calling on the de facto Houthi/Saleh authorities to release Keyvan Qadari, Nadim al-Sakkaf and Nader al-Sakkaf immediately and unconditionally, because they are prisoners of conscience detained solely on account of their religious beliefs;
  • Urging them to ensure that, while detained, all three men are granted regular access to their families and lawyers of their choice and are protected from torture and other ill-treatment;
  • Urging them to respect its commitments to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, guaranteeing the right of the Yemeni population, including the Baha’i community, to adopt and practice their religion publicly and privately.

Contact these 2 officials by 4 January 2017:

Ansarullah Representative at Peace Talks

Mohamed Abdelsalam

Salutation: Dear Sir

Ambassador Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak

Embassy of the Republic of Yemen

2319 Wyoming Ave NW,

Washington DC 20008

Phone: 1 202 965 4760 I Fax: 1 202 337 2017

Salutation: Dear Ambassador


Here’s why it is so important to report your actions: we record the number of actions taken on each case and use that information in our advocacy. Either email with „UA 266/16” in the subject line or click this link.


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