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Yemen, Urges the International Community to Stop Transfer of Iranian Regime’s Weapons to Houthis

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Foreign Ministry of Yemen urged the international community to condemn continued arming of the conductors of coup (Houthis) in the country by Iran regime.

According to Al-Arabiya, Yemen’s foreign ministry in its statement urged the UN Security Council to adopt necessary measures to pressure Iran regime to fulfill its obligations and end harassment of Yemeni people.

In the statement, foreign ministry of Yemen pointed out that it has been informed about the report of the Weapons Research Institute which states that the regime in Iran, by using Iranian vessels and setting up a network in the Arabian Sea, delivers weapons to Houthi militants in Yemen via Somalia.

The statement adds: “The report confirms what the government of Yemen and Arab Coalition have repeatedly insisted on and announced that the regime in Iran continues to arm Houthi rebels in violation of international (UN) resolutions. This is an issue that could prolong the war and increase the suffering of the people and could lead to mockery of the international resolutions and firstly the UN Security Council Resolution 2216 by conductors of coup (Houthis).”

Yemen’s foreign ministry emphasized: “The report of the research institute provides other documents indicating that Iranian regime is involved in destabilizing Yemen and regional countries and harming the people of Yemen and security of neighboring countries in blatant violation of international resolutions.”

In its report, the research institute has focused on the role of Somalian ports as bases for arms transfers. Accordingly, warships “HMIS Darwin” and “USS Sirocco” have confiscated more than 4,500 mortar launcher, guns, mortars, and automatic weapons during four weeks in February and March 2016.

Jonah Liu, operation director of the weapons research institute, said: “All the reports and studies show that Iran regime is sending arms to Yemen.”

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