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Boris Johnson Expresses Concern for Yemen in Speech to Gulf Leaders

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Written by Staff

Boris Johnson said he has “profound concerns” for the people of Yemen caught up in the continuing conflict.

Yemen has been in the grip of civil war between Saudi-backed government forces and rebel Houthi fighters – who are supported by Iran – since March 2015.

Speaking to Gulf leaders at a conference in Bahrain, the Foreign Secretary, said Saudi Arabia was “securing itself from bombardment by the Hoothis”, but he stressed the plight of the people in the war torn country.

He said: “I must also share my profound concerns, which I’m sure is universal in this room, about the present suffering of the people of Yemen.

“I think we can all agree on this key point, that force alone will not bring about a stable Yemen, and that’s why we in London have been working so hard with all our partners to drive that political process forwards.”

His speech, which came days after Mr Johnson criticised Saudi Arabia for “playing proxy wars” in the Middle East, emphasised the strength of British relations with Gulf nations.

Mr Johnson was rebuked by Number 10 when he claimed Saudi Arabia was “puppeteering” earlier this week.

Addressing the International Institute for Strategic Studies Manama Dialogue, Mr Johnson also addressed the nuclear deal with Iran, claiming it had been worth spending 12 years negotiating.

He said: “I think we must build on this foundation and try to develop a better relationship with Tehran.

“But that can only happen if Iran plays by the same rules and exercises its influence in diplomacy and by dialogue.”

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