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Yemen: Humanitarian Snapshot – IDPs, Returnees and Host Communities (as of December 2016)

Written by Staff

The needs of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), returnees, both conflict and disaster-related, and of the non-displaced host community remain high in Yemen. An estimated 2.2 million people are currently displaced, of whom 77 per cent are living either with host communities (1.2 million people) or in rented accommodation (480,000 people).(2) The rest are living in spontaneous settlements or collective centers. In addition, slightly more than 1 millionpeople have provisionally returned to their areas of origin, although the sustainability of these returns remains precarious.(2) Over 3,000 locations were assessed, about 90 per cent in IDP and host communities and 10 per cent in areas of return with host communities, across the 333 districts of Yemen. The results are an in-depth understanding of the needs of this vulnerable population.(3) This snapshot presents key assessment findings.

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