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Yemeni Patient Undergoes Successful Surgery in Noida Hospital

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Yemen doctors in al-Thawra Hospital
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NOIDA: “It’s usual to have a bomb blast in our country. It was just one of regular blasts,” says Ahmed, the interpreter for 23-year old Osmah, a Yemeni student, who was severely wounded in one of the bomb blasts in Sana’a, his country’s capital.

Osmah, Science graduate, was among the lucky ones who survived one in a series of blasts that had killed and injured many Yemenis in late 2014 but the grievous injuries made him bed-ridden for almost two subsequent years.

His urinary bladder and rectum had been ruptured so badly that he had to undergo 11 surgeries in different hospitals of three countries including Yemen, Iran and Oman. The surgeries helped him battle the injuries in his rectum, bladder, sciatic nerves of the legs and a fracture in his pelvis.

However, that was not enough as Osmah could still not pass stool from his body due to the rectum perforation- a rupture in the rectal wall – caused due to the severe injury and he was forced to use an artificial stool passage.

According to Dr. Rajesh Kapoor, Director, gastrointestinal (GI) & Hepatopancreaticobiliary surgery department, Jaypee Hospital, Sector 128, while the problem in Osmah’s urinary bladder was corrected in Yemen, the rectum perforation couldn’t be taken care of.

“The last surgery before he came to India was performed in Oman. Doctors there had used Diversion Colostomy-a procedure in which one end of the large intestine is diverted through the abdominal wall for passage of stool in a bag but still the patient was asked to live with an artificial stool passage,” he said.

It was for this purpose that Osmah came to India two and a half months ago seeking full treatment along with his attendant Ahmed. Reaching a hospital in Bangalore, doctors suggested a surgery called “Residual Proctectomy Coloanal Pull Through & Diverting Ileostomy” under which a patient’s rectum is removed and his large intestine is pulled down from its actual place to create a normal passage for excretion
However, the surgery could not be carried out there due to its complexity.
It was then that Osmah came to Jaypee hospital where the surgery was performed on Osmah three weeks ago by a team of three doctor including Dr. Kapoor, Dr. Dipankar Mitra and Dr. Amit Jain.
The success of the surgery has relieved Osmah, who is currently residing in India with Ahmed for the follow-ups after his discharge last week.
“After coming to India, I went to a hospital in Bangalore. The doctors admitted me in the hospital but later on refused to perform the surgery after seeing the complexity of my case. Having undergone 11 surgeries already, this is the biggest relief,” said, Osmah who will return to his native country once he is ready for the flight.
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