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Yemeni Military Officer: Iranian Endeavors to Smuggle Arms to Houthis

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Operation Commander in Yemen Brigadier General Fadel Hassan stated that Iran continues to breach international laws and violate the Yemeni sovereignty through repetitive endeavors to smuggle loads of arms to Houthis and their ally, ousted Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Brigadier-General told Asharq al-Awsat that “the national army, in coordination with the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, are stopping these operations before they get into the country.” He added that Iran is using some ports to smuggle arms in a pursuit to reinforce military potentials of Houthis and their allies.

Operations of arms monitoring come under the military plan imposed by the army on entry points to cut supply to Houthis and Saleh as well as warfronts.

Hassan stressed that these weapons will have no influence on the pace of battles, especially that Houthis are suffering military weakness due to huge human losses during the recent battles.

“Government forces have seen, in a number of battlefronts, a considerable number of Africans fighting with the Houthis,” he added. “The army is coordinating with relevant authorities to put an end to exploitation of Africans through getting them involved in the war,” Hassan continued.

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