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Yemen Rebels Hit Saudi Naval Vessel with Missile Attack (VIDEO)

Written by Staff

Local media reports that a Saudi frigate patrolling the waters west of Hodeida was struck by Houthi weapons. The warship was struck by “three suicide boats belonging to the Houthi militias,” news outlet SPA said.

The Saudi news agency noted that the missile killed two navy servicemembers, while injuring three others. The Yemen-based group has corroborated SPA’s claims, noting that they hit the seacraft.

A man in the video shouted “Allahu Akbar, death to America, death to Israel, a curse on the Jews and victory for Islam.”

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  • The American domestic crisis caused by Donald Trumps erratic behavior is now entangled with the combat between Yemeni rebels and Saudi armed forces. The Strait of Bab al Mandab where this recent attack by Houthi forces against a Saudi warship is happening in one of the worlds naval chokepoints, and almost requires a belligerent response from Trumps government who have included Yemen on their list of “unwelcome” visitors and refugees. Don’t expect measured action, when Trump welcomes a distraction that on the surface provides justification for his own questionable actions. The entire world should have defused the Yemeni conflict long ago. First, because the Saudi and UAE led invasion, with much initial American and European support, could never be rationally justified. Next, because the geographic location of the conflict makes it a very serious, immediate threat to global stability and peace. It’s happening in front of us, in real time: serious combat in the Bab al Mandab. This conjunction of incompetence, delusion and belligerence is pushing the world into a Black Hole.

    • Stop believing this rhetoric!!!
      There terrorist factions will twist anything to meet their propaganda.

    • so how did Trump’s actions cause the attack in the same area a year ago on an American ship? You should have just blamed Bush.That’s what all you liberals do is blame someone else